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Investor Relations


Where are the shares listed and when did the shares started to be traded?

AG Anadolu Group Holding shares are publicly listed in the Borsa Istanbul with ticker code AGHOL.IS. Prior to the merger completed at the beginning of 2018, the name was Yazıcılar Holding and shares were quoted in Borsa Istanbul since 2000.

What is Holding’s paid-in capital?
Our current share capital is comprised of 243,534,518 shares with a nominal value of TL 1 each.

What is Holding’s free float?

Current free float of AG Anadolu Group Holding is 33.7%.

What is the current ownership structure?
“Ownership Structure” section can be found in our website under "Investor Relations" heading.

How many groups of shares does Anadolu Group Holding have? Are there any preferred shares?
Anadolu Group Holding’s common shares are divided into two classes as A and B with each class of shares having equal rights on all matters except for the priviledge to nominate 6 of the 12 members of the Board of Directors recognized for Class B.

How many companies are publicly traded under Holding company?
Holding has 6 publicly listed companies including Holding itself; Anadolu Efes, Coca Cola Icecek, Migros, Adel, Anadolu Isuzu and Anadolu Grubu Holding.

When is the Annual General Shareholders’ Meeting of AG Anadolu Group Holding?
Annual General Sahreholders’ meeting is usually held in May.

Where can I find Annual Reports and Financial Reports?
“Annual Reports” and “Financial Reports” sections both can be found in our website under "Investor Relations" heading.

What is the current dividend distribution policy?
“Dividend Distribution Policy” section can be found in our website under "Investor Relations" heading.