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Message from the Chairman

Esteemed Stakeholders,

While preparing our annual report, we were devastated by earthquakes in the southeast region of our country. First of all, I would like to wish god’s mercy on those who lost their lives, give my condolences to their relatives and hope for the speedy recovery of all the injured. In most of the recent disasters in our country and especially during the pandemic period, we have observed the significance of cooperation. In such situations, the state, the civil society organizations, the companies and the society should be united in cooperation and the efforts should be coordinated proficiently. With our companies and social organizations, we were mobilized to do our part. We are involved in many different support action and campaigns. We are pursuing the needs of the region and coordinating our efforts in cooperation with responsible organizations. Because of the huge scale of the disaster, lots more of efforts will be needed for a long time for the recuperation of the region. While the subject of earthquakes in our country should be thoroughly reviewed and permanent solutions should be searched for, we, as the stakeholders of the society, will do our best to fulfill our duty of corporate citizenship.

Especially in the last three years, our world is passing through periods in which unexpected developments shape the markets, the effects of the pandemic increase uncertainties and significant changes appear in many different areas like supply chains, business models and operational structures. A surge of social, economic and political events had an impact with global aspects on the business world, particularly on energy, food and raw material markets. These negative developments further deepened the effects of two years of pandemic on the economy and led to record amounts of inflation. In this difficult environment, Türkiye is able to preserve its place among the 20 biggest economies of the world according to International Monetary Fund. But high inflation maintains its negative impact on our lives and economies. In the light of these inflation levels, which are expected to continue in 2023 and the uncertainties revolving around the forthcoming election period, we are entering a year through which we should be taking prudent and mindful steps.

As Anadolu Group, we are one of the holdings that are able to maintain the most solid stance against the countercyclical fluctuations with our highly capable workforce, strong infrastructure and our companies’ ability to adapt rapidly to changing conditions. This year, we continued our strong and healthy growth with steady performances in all our sectors. Generating value in all our operations, focusing on the needs of our stakeholders and making the investments that will support our growth in the long term, will continue to be our priorities. An efficient financial management, which targets operational profitability and strong cash flow, is always significant for us. Our companies diverted their investments towards their digitalization and sustainability goals along with the innovations that will enable them to serve their consumers better. With the “From Anadolu to the Future” sustainability strategy and the goals we announced this year, we are investing in the future of nature, people and business. With our companies, brands and social organizations that provide the best in their own areas, we move towards the future in a strong manner.

We should always aim at being a pioneer with our people, our competence and our capacity, focusing on development, innovation and growth, being in the high-ranks in the future of our businesses and our country. We are a big family that can always fulfill our responsibilities and have the capability to come out stronger from tough periods. We will continue to work in the most efficient manner and strive to produce value for all of us with the strength we derive from our values and from each other.

On behalf of Anadolu Group, I would like to express my gratitude to all our stakeholders, who believed in us, confided in us and contributed to us.

Tuncay Özilhan

March 2023