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Group Companies

  • A visual of social organizations that includes Anadolu Foundation, Anadolu Medical Center and Anadolu Sports Club

Social Organizations

Anadolu Foundation:
The Anadolu Foundation, which was founded in 1979, in line with the objectives of the Yazıcı and Özilhan families, who are the founders of the Anadolu Group, to share what they have earned from Anatolia, with the people of Anatolia, is putting its name to significant investments in the areas of health and education. The “Foundation of Anatolia”, which has adopted investment in people as a principle, embraced collective mind, possesses a strong social influence, is able to manage the resources it uses with the approach of a social entrepreneur, and which aims to be a social value and donation platform supported more and continuously by the community with its permanent solutions, has given scholarships to approximately 24.000 students in the field of education to-date, while with its cooperation with John Hopkins Medicine, it has established the Anadolu Medical Center, and continues to offer the hand of support to tens of thousands of patients who are in need.

Anadolu Medical Center:
Anadolu Medical Center, which was established with the aim of providing world class health services in order to increase the quality of life, is transferring the requirements of modern medicine to its patients with a modern and extensive approach. The Anadolu Medical Center, which works in a strategic cooperation with Johns Hopkins Medicine, directed at the development of training and quality, provides health services to patients from all over the world, in every branch – in particular the Oncological Sciences, Coronary Health, Women’s Health and IVF, the Neurological Sciences, the Surgical Sciences, Internal Diseases, and Diagnosis and Screening.

Anadolu Efes Sports Club:
Founded in 1976 under the presidency of Tuncay Özilhan, formerly called Efes Pilsen Sports Club and having the biggest share on spreading the love of basketball to masses in Turkey, Anadolu Efes Sports Club became the pioneer of basketball in Turkish Basketball history with many innovations. The first Turkish team to win a European cup, Anadolu Efes Sports Club rejoiced entire Turkey with their successes, and as of the 2023 - 2024 season; holds 2 EuroLeague Cups, 1 Euroleague Runner-Up Cup, 1 Korac Cup, 16 Turkey League Championships, 12 Turkish Cups, 13 Presidential Cups and 2 G.S.G.M. Cups in the museum. Anadolu Efes is the first Turkish team to send a Turkish player to NBA and to raise many stars from a young age, also presents new ones to our sport every year and continues to work to carry Turkish basketball forward.