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Group Companies

Aslancık Electricity Generation & Trading Company

Aslancık Dam and Hydroelectric Power Plant (HPP), is an investment which has been undertaken jointly with the Doğan and Doğuş Groups. 33% of the shares of the company belong to the Anadolu Group.

Aslancık Electricity Generation & Trading Company, was founded with the purpose of establishing and operating the Aslancık Dam and HPP, the generation of electrical energy, and the sale of the energy generated and / or its capacity to customers.

The Aslancık Dam and HPP is located on Harşit River in province of Giresun. The plant has an installed capacity of 120 MW and an average annual electricity generation capacity of 400 million kWh.

The construction of work at the Aslancık Dam and HPP which has 240 million USD of total investment value began in 2010, and the power plant became operational on March 2014.