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Çelik Motor

Being one of the longest-standing companies of Anadolu Group, Çelik Motor was founded on February 26, 1960 as a limited company and was converted into a joint-stock company on May 14, 1970. Having celebrated its 60th anniversary in 2020, Çelik Motor has been significantly contributing to the development of the industry since the day it was founded. Çelik Motor has been active in the automotive industry under the same name and structure for more than half a century and has led the way in many fields of services. In this respect, Çelik Motor bears the title of Turkey’s oldest established company in its field.

Çelik Motor made its first major breakthrough in 1966 with the sales of Skoda pickup trucks. In 1985, the company acquired the distributorship for Lada cars and achieved great success with this brand. Lada quickly became one of the most popular vehicle brands of the period and Turkey’s best-selling imported automobile from 1989 to 1993. Çelik Motor acquired the operations of Honda automobiles in Turkey in 1986 but then transferred the same to Anadolu Honda in 1992.

Having successfully positioned the represented brands among the best-known nameplates of the industry, Çelik Motor has been offering the South Korean brand Kia to automobile lovers since 2001. Çelik Motor has successfully made Kia, a globally rising brand, one of the key players in the Turkish automotive industry. Making the difference with its vision in technology and design, in Turkey, as much as across the world, Kia continues to raise the bar and to delight automobile enthusiasts.

Starting in 2005, Çelik Motor entered new consumer areas with its innovative and entrepreneurial vision. Çelik Motor Fleet, the company's fleet leasing brand, went on to become a leading player in the sector. Then, in 2014, Garenta, Turkey's first corporate car rental brand with 100% local capital, made a grand entry into the sector. Finally, in 2016, Çelik Motor gathered all its rental operations under the umbrella of Garenta, which remains the sector’s innovative brand in long- and short-term car rentals.

Marking a first in the Turkish automotive industry by taking its know-how and experience to the digital platform, Çelik Motor launched, an online auction website, in 2013 to buy and sell second-hand cars. As the website soon achieved significant success, it also became a reference brand in the second-hand car segment with its innovative practices.


Having achieved great success in the global automotive market, starting from South Korea in 1944, Kia produces models that make a difference with design and technology, which automobile lovers are passionately attached to. Being the country's first bicycle and automobile manufacturer, Kia also leads South Korea to appear in the global automotive markets.

Kia continues to grow in Turkey via it’s distributor Çelik Motor since 2001. Çelik Motor, one of the most experienced companies of the Anadolu Group, provides service with 41 authorized dealers and 48 authorized service points throughout Turkey for Kia.

Kia, which prepared the 'Plan S' strategy at the beginning of 2020 and announced that it will develop 11 new electric models until 2025, aims to play a leading role in the transportation models of the future by investing $ 25 billion.

Initiating a major innovation project from the brand logo to its philosophy in 2021, Kia continues its transformation journey, which was started with new corporate identity and the new slogan "Movement that inspires".

Award-winning Kia models familiar to automobile lovers such as Picanto, Rio, Stonic, Ceed, XCeed, Niro, Sportage and Sorento to to Turkish users with the assurance of Çelik Motor.


Launched in 2014, Garenta brought a breath of fresh air to the sector with its short-term car rental approach. Considering the success the brand captured in a short time, Çelik Motor Fleet, which had engaged in Long-term Operational Leasing for over a decade, was consolidated under the umbrella of Garenta in 2016.

Garenta, which brings a new approach to next-generation service in car rental, aspires to become a one-stop shop for all car rental needs of its customers. With a customer-centric service approach, solution-driven team, customized services for individuals and businesses, and highly technological infrastructure, Garenta already ranks among industry leaders.

With 57 dealers by the end of 2021 and steadily expanding its dealer network, Garenta is a top-of-mind brand when it comes to short-term car rentals. In addition to responding to its customers’ long-term car rental needs, Garenta also offers flexible and quick solutions to its individual and corporate customers with its large vehicle fleet.

Launched by Çelik Motor, has operated as Turkey's online car auction platform for second-hand vehicles since 2013. Selling second-hand cars through a fast and secure system with a 7-day return guarantee, has so far organized 10.336 auctions, which received 12.806.276 bids, and enabled 127.500 vehicles to change hands.

Starting its operations with online auctions with an innovative service approach, later introduced more options such as ‘Sell As You Drive,’ ‘Sell Now,’ and ‘Sell Cash to Dealer’ to meet growing user expectations. Furthermore, marked another first in the sector by transparently publishing the notary public transaction prices of the vehicles sold via the platform.

In addition, launched Carwizz, a proprietary AI-based app to help users easily find out the market prices of the cars before the sales process starts. The Carwizz appraisal reports provide an in-depth look into the cars, including seasonal and economic effects.

As an industry pioneer offering next-generation services, aims to enable more car enthusiasts to purchase the cars of their dreams in the times to come.