Ana içeriğe atla


As the Anadolu Group, we have carried our approach to social responsibility, which we have held for many years, to our corporate website. We have prepared our website by taking into consideration the content accessibility that meets the needs of individuals.

A website needs to conform with the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) standards in order to be accessible to the people with disabilities. The screen reader programmes of internet users with disabilities ensure that all content is audible. With this programme, visitors are able to use websites, which have been prepared by taking into account accessibility features, comfortably.

The website of the Anadolu Group has also been prepared in a way in which the screen reader programmes used by the visitors is able to perceive it.

The accessibility operations carried out in order that our visitors can experience the Anadolu Group website are as follows:

1. The description of the text and pictures

Descriptive texts, which explain the pictures files, and which are integrated with the text, have been prepared. With this feature, our disabled visitors are able to easily understand what the picture on the page is, and what it describes.

2. Accessible connections using the tab key and the keyboard

As our visually impaired visitors use the keyboard, all connections have been made accessible via the tab key and keyboard. With two features added to the page links, it has been ensured that the said links are able to be accessed through the tab key and other keyboard combinations.

3. Different language selection

Our visitors who wish to obtain information on the Anadolu Group, are able to use both the Turkish and English versions of the website. The content, which has been prepared in two languages, enables all users visiting the website from all over the world – not just Turkey – to obtain information from the pages they wish to access.

4. Systematic heading arrangement

The headings in the Anadolu Group website have been prepared in a hierarchical manner, from the biggest to the smallest. Due to this operation, which has made the content easier to understand, the visually impaired are also able to easily understand the hierarchical organisation within the website. The heading, sub-heading and content of a text is able to be perceived clearly.

5. The use of layers instead of tables

The Anadolu Group website has been prepared in a manner which will enable the visually impaired to access information more comfortably, using layers instead of tables.

6. Colour Contrast Arrangements

Elements such as text and background colours within our website have been used to possess a specific contrast – that is to say a specific colour contrast. This arrangement ensures that individuals are visually impaired, or suffer from colour blindness, are able to read the text more comfortably.