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From Anadolu to the Future

Adding value to the land on which it operates and to the people of that land in a sustainable manner has been one of the main values of Anadolu Group since its foundation. Our Group maintain its operations in 18 countries with nearly 80 companies, 66 production facilities and approximately 80,000 employees with the target of sustainable growth for a sustainable future. Beyond seeing growth only as an economic concept expressed in numbers, we take into account the economic, environmental and social impacts of our activities, and we determine our values and strategies in line with our dream of a better future for our world and our people.

In 2019, we created our “From Anadolu to the Future” brand, which represents the future-oriented sustainability vision of Anadolu Group. For many years, Anadolu Group companies have been achieving pioneering performances in the field of sustainability, publishing sustainability reports and sharing their progress with their stakeholders on various platforms. While we endeavor to support the sustainability of our world and our stakeholders, we carry out extensive studies in this field with the belief that we should share our best practices with each other and raise awareness for sustainability through our communication strategies. With this motivation, we published our Anadolu Group Sustainable Development Goals Alignment Report, which we will update annually, and revealed that our Group is involved with many activities that contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. We also aim to contribute to the solution sharing practices, which are needed throughout the world, by communicating our sustainability practices. Within this scope, along with our stakeholders, we execute many significant projects, which we believe will add value to the future.

Our Group always sets its corporate targets in harmony with the future of our planet and of our local and global stakeholders. We will continue to support sustainable development by constantly improving the economic, environmental and social impact of our companies in the positive direction. Our overriding objective is to pass the heritage of our world that we were gifted from our previous generations, to the future generations in the most efficient way. We will continue to forge ahead with the strength we derive from Anatolia for a better future.