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From Anadolu to the Future

We act today for the future of nature, business and people.

The right time to build a better future is today. Sustainability transformation is realizing that transformation is ‘a present-day activity’. It takes creating new habits, aiming positive change and taking action, knowing that the smallest act can change the world when we come together. Thus, we consciously stand among the pioneers of change, act today for a better future.

We are connected to our roots, we work in harmony and we build bridges between Anatolia and the world.

We connect deeper with the land we live on, with the business we do and with the communities that we share a purpose with. Owing to our ability to think globally and act locally, we build bridges between Anatolia and the world, planting seeds of goodness today for our common future.

We are a part of the collective movement. We act today better for a sustainable future.

We are aware that the sustainability transformation has become indispensable all over the world. We truly know that the ultimate key to build a better future for our world and communities is “sustainability”. We acknowledge the fast-changing expectations and needs that come along with the dynamics of the new century and the new world rising.

Foreseeing this global shift, we are eager to create shared value environmentally, socially and in terms of governance in all the regions where we have been operating since many years. We move forward with new and enhanced goals. We bring sustainability-focused strategic transformation into action. As we transform, we consciously aim that every piece of land, every piece of work and every single life we touch transform, heal and strengthen with us. Through our strategy "From Anadolu to the Future", we build a sustainable future in every region we operate today. We act today for the future of nature, business and people,in order to build a better tomorrow.