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Migros Ticaret A.Ş., which was founded in 1954 and has been a pioneer of Turkish retail for 65 years, grew twofold in the past three years. Its consolidated sales increased 24.7% in the first nine months of 2019. It has a total of 2,200 stores including its international operations and stores in 81 provinces in Turkey.

Every year, Migros reaches more households in Turkey thanks to its wide product range, innovative practices, quality of service, affordable and competitive prices and value-added promotions; it served 89% of households in Turkey in 2019.

Migros remains the retailer of choice due to its specialization in and the quality of its fresh produce, meat and fresh bakery products. Customers have shown a lot of interest in Migros’ reliable and traceable red meat products produced at MIGET, Turkey’s largest integrated meat processing facility with 220 production checkpoints. Since 2010, Migros has been selling produce grown in line with its Good Agricultural Practices program and contributing to sustainable agriculture through trainings for farmers. This year, it became the first and only retailer to sell “Ancestral Seed” products which are grown using original Anatolian seeds in a project carried out with the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.

Migros updated the web site and mobile app of Migros Sanal Market (Virtual Supermarket), Turkey’s biggest and most extensive food e-commerce site, in line with its customers’ expectations. Migros Hemen app started to deliver to customers’ doors the widest range of products at Migros prices within a maximum of 30 minutes. Mkolay, which has been added to the Migros Mobil app, ensures a fast and practical shopping experience by minimizing the time spent at cash registers in stores. Migros is the first and only retailer which offers mobile payment services at thousands of cash registers in 81 provinces.

Migros continues to offer personalized products and campaigns which make customers say ““Meant For Me!”. It also offers “Healthy Living Journey” which reached 1.5 million people and which encourages a balanced diet by offering personalized discounts for food groups that Migros knows the customers have been neglecting based on their shopping patterns.

Thanks to Money and Belbim’s cooperation which started in 2019, Istanbulcards now offer Money cards’ advantages at Migros cash registers. Customers can load money to their Istanbulcards, pay for their shopping with Istanbulcards and use the Monies accumulating on their Money cards to pay for public transportation. In addition, Migros’ customers can send money to their loved ones without using a bank account until 22.00 every day thanks to the store-to-store money transfer service. They can also pay the electricity, water, natural gas and telecommunication bills of more than 170 companies at Migros stores. 27 Migros stores function as training centers for 99 personal development and vocational training courses offered in Family Clubs in cooperation with District Public Education Centers.

Migros is among the pioneers of sustainability and is the first and only retailer which qualified for the BIST Sustainability Index for six consecutive years. It also remains on Borsa Istanbul’s Corporate Governance Index. In 2019, it was voted “Turkey’s Best Liked Retailer” for the 16th time in “Turkey’s Best Liked Companies” survey. It is ranked in 16th place on the “Fortune 500 Turkey” list of Turkey’s biggest companies and in 15th place on the Capital 500 list. It was ranked as Turkey’s 12th most valuable brand in Brand Finance’s Turkey’s Most Valuable Brands list.