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Automotive Group

The Automotive Group works in cooperation with the following brands from the leading organisations in the world: ISUZU for commercial vehicles, KIA for private cars, ANTOR and LOMBARDINI for industrial engines, HONDA Power Products, ANTRAC for anchor machinery, LANDINI for tractors and the brand HONDA MARINE in the maritime. In the automotive sector, where it began its activities with the production of trucks in the 1960s, it continues its activities today as one of the leading organisations of the sector.

Anadolu Group performs the production and marketing of commercial vehicles, such as light trucks, vans, coaches and pickup trucks, through the publicly quoted Anadolu Isuzu, which is established in partnership with Isuzu Motors Limited and Itochu.

Being one of the long-established companies of Anadolu Group, Çelik Motor also bears the title of Turkey’s oldest established company in its field with an experience of more than half a century. Having acquired the Turkish distributorship of KIA in 2001, Çelik Motor started to use its vast knowledge and experience of many years for the brand KIA. Thanks to its extensive service network and sales points, KIA achieved an important position in Turkey’s automotive sector. Çelik Motor has improved KIA’s brand perception and image along with the changing sense of design of the brand.

As of 2005, Çelik Motor has entered new consumer markets, exploiting its innovative and entrepreneurial vision. The company’s fleet rental brand Çelik Motor Filo has become a key player in its field. In 2014, Turkey’s first 100-percent-national-capital corporate rent-a-car brand Garenta has ambitiously entered the market. Having decided in 2016 to consolidate all of its car rental operations under Garenta’s roof, Çelik Motor, today, shapes the sector with its two brands, GarentaPRO in long-term and GarentaDAY in short-term rentals; with a car park consisting of more than 35.000 vehicles.

In 2013, Çelik Motor carried its long-term experience to the digital platform and established the online second-hand car auction web site "". With an annual sales more than 20,000 vehicles, "" continues to be the leading automotive e-commerce platform in Turkey.

As a new brand offered to customers by Çelik Motor, Praticar provides practical solutions to any problems that are likely to occur regarding an automobile. As a new mobile application developed by Çelik Motor, Praticar gathers many services that are required by auto owners under a single roof including periodical maintenance, inspection, trouble shooting, change of tires, repairs, and logistics.

Bulur offers a brand new experience in terms of new and second-hand automobile trade. Having more than 5,000 members, Bulur first got together with automobile enthusiasts in January 2018. As an online platform, Bulur finds the most appropriate automobile for buyers and finds the best buyers for vendors thanks to its smart matching algorithm.

Anadolu Motor is continuing its production with its own brand name ANTOR® and exporting its engines to about 40 countries including Italy. Lawn mowers, branch shredders, Diesel pumping units, motor hoes as well as gasoline and Diesel generators are also being produced.