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Anadolu Foundation



At the Anadolu Foundation, apart from the education they receive at their schools, we are aiming to turn our bursary holders into well-equipped individuals in terms of their life and the area in which they want to become professionals. With this objective in mind, we are aiming to give support to our bursary holders with the mentoring programmes we have begun, as the Anadolu Foundation, in the 2012-2013 educational year.

Mentoring can be defined as the contribution by one person, who possesses beneficial experiences, accumulation and skills or expertise, to another, by way of making recommendations to this person in terms of their personal and professional development, giving them information, and showing them the way. At the Anadolu Foundation, we are giving our bursary holders mentoring support through the mentoring provided by the managers at the Anadolu Group, each of whom are professionals in their own field.

In this context, the professional managers at the Anadolu Group are aiming for our youngsters to focus on their strategies in connection to their life skills and career plans, and to their targets, to become more motivated in order to overcome the difficulties they may be faced with, to develop their social and cultural competences, and to be able to enable more effective communication with their surroundings.

The Anadolu Group and the Anadolu Foundation, which is a big family, is aiming to make a difference in the lives of our bursary holders and equip them for professional life, with its highly aware managers.