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Anadolu Foundation

Health Services

Since the day it was found, the Anadolu Foundation is coming to the aid of members of the public who are in need at the Anadolu Medical Center, with its belief in investing in people.

It offers free of charge medical services to those in need, through cooperation with the social aid and solidarity foundations of District Governor’s Offices, nursing homes for the disabled and aged, non-government organizations, health and social affairs directorates of municipalities, and children’s nurseries.

Additionally, interviews on matters of health are being held with the contributions of the specialist physicians of the Anadolu Medical Centre, on current health issues, in order to increase awareness on the subject of health.

From 2005 until the end of April 2017, 37.523 people have been restored to health, with close to 115.746 examinations, 8.759 surgery and 323.770 diagnoses.

"Healthy Kids Happy Tomorrow Project" is one of our most important projects which was first implemented in 2014 has reached 4.932 children. Children's Health and Diseases, Pediatric Surgery, ENT, Ophthalmology and Dermatology examinations were performed. In total, 12.357 examinations and 5.402 operations were given free of charge.