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Anadolu Foundation


Personal development and training

As well as the bursary support provided by Anadolu Foundation to students during their education, it also attaches importance to their personal development. Continuous development is targeted for them through a multi-dimensional support programme.

Meetings with the scholars

Anadolu Foundation is a big family with 26.000 bursary holders, and new ones being added to those every year...

The “Foundation of Anatolia” is working with the aim of providing all types of support necessary, in order that our bursary holder may complete their education, and become well-equipped individuals.

We are bringing together our old and new bursary holders...

During the ‘Events for Bringing Together Bursary Holders’, we are bringing together old and new bursary holders.

Our bursary holders obtain the opportunity of getting to know each other better, and participate in activities oriented towards teamwork in the areas of leadership, planning, situation analysis, the management of competition and differences, and getting the opportunity to develop themselves, exchange ideas, and evaluate their existing or planned projects.

Tea Time and Conversation Days

The “Conversation Days” are held monthly, and here, the expert directors within our group, convey their experiences and knowledge in their own field, to the young bursary holders. The study focuses on our youngsters, and our directors, who have considerable experience in varying sectors and fields, come together with the youngsters with the purpose of the development of the professional, social and personal competences of the youngsters, and the increase of their awareness.

The “EKS Kitchen Event” – the key to healthy eating

The Anadolu Foundation encourages youngsters to eat healthily, and aims to present them a gift which will have an influence on, and become a habit in their lives. Within the concept of “Healthy Eating”, youngsters are given the opportunity of learning the diner points of preparing food in the kitchen, as well as the different tastes of Anatolia.

Preparing new graduates for working life...

The Anadolu Foundation does not leave its bursary holders by themselves once they have completed their education either; it invests in the futures of our youngsters with “Training for Graduates”. New graduates are given regular training in areas such as job interviews, effective CV preparation, entrepreneurship, and social entrepreneurship.

Anadolu Foundation continues its efforts through this training, in order that youngsters may be prepared as individuals who are better equipped in both their personal and professional lives.