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Group Companies

Anadolu Motor

Anadolu Motor, one of the deep-rooted and powerful companies of the Anadolu Group, has carried out its engine production, which started in the years when Turkey met with modern agriculture techniques, under the Lombardini license for a long time. Anadolu Motor continues production under its own “ANTOR” brand today and exports to almost 50 countries, including Italy. Anadolu Motor, in addition to engine production; also carries out the production of ANTRAC brand hoeing machines, Antor brand grass mowing machines, branch shredders, motor-pumps and gasoline - diesel engine generator groups.

Besides these production activities, Anadolu Motor also carries out the distributorship of HONDA Power Products, HONDA MARINE outboard marine motors, LOMBARDINI diesel engines , South Korean LS Tractors, SOLIS - one of the largest manufacturers of India - Tractors and Italian LANDINI Tractors in Turkey.

Anadolu Motor, with its experience of more than 50 years, is committed to offer advanced engineering products to the market with a qualified service understanding; and will continue to be by your side always both with the products it produces and it imports.